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黒木メイサ (Headphones)


Music , Collecting , & Whatever Else

黒木メイサ (Cool)
I have so many items on pre-order. I hate waiting. It doesn't help we just don't stop getting snowed in! What is wrong with this weather as of late? It's becoming really annoying. We keep shoveling our house/mailboxes but the mail truck still won't deliver. Tomorrow on sunday , I'll do something about it. I'm just sick of everything being on snow hold!!!!

Here is a list of everything I'm waiting on to arrive (most are pre-orders)

Meisa Kuroki - Magazine (A , B , & C)
Ayumi Hamasaki - Secret (CD + DVD) , Guilty (CD + DVD) , A Best 2 WHITE (CD + 2 DVD) , A Best 2 Black (CD + DVD)
Koda Kumi - Pop Diva (A & B Versions) , Dejavu (CD + 2 DVD First Press Edition) , Koda Reki Book , Eternity & Love Songs LIVE DVD
Jasmine - One (single)

All of the above are the japanese editions , I don't buy region 3/hong kong stuff. I'm also thinking about maybe pre-ordering the new mini album. The cd + dvd edition. I will probably end of doing it but I'm not too pleased that her newest single will be digital only. Won't help my physical collection.

In other news , I upgraded my engagement ring yesterday. We both did , we went bigger and nicer. I'm happy after the jeweler gave us so many issues with out original rings we went elsewhere. Still no date set for the wedding. Who knows?