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黒木メイサ (Headphones)


Music , Collecting , & Whatever Else

黒木メイサ (Torn)
Today I woke up and there was more snow? I wonder when this bad weather will end! It seems every other day the towns are shut down because of snow... just finally when my mail stopped being held at the post office because of snow , we get more! I will never win! I hope it clears up by next week! I am expecting a very special postbag :)

My plans today , I want to go to the shops and check out the new blu ray releases. I also maybe might wanna go tanning. I was gifted a tanning session and it felt nice and relaxing. I honestly haven't used a tanning bed since I worked high end retail. I really wanna start going again once or twice a week. We'll see how often I can get in.

Is it wrong to also be thinking about dinner so early in the day? It's only going on 9:30am lol!