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黒木メイサ (Headphones)


Music , Collecting , & Whatever Else

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Madison Legacy Generation 1.1
黒木メイサ (Headphones)

Meet Sophia Madison
Formally from Twinbrook , she has moved to Bridgeport to start her life. Although she is finally starting her young adult life , it does not start without a little drama! Her family was the richest family in twinbrook... they recently passed away in a plane crash coming back from France! This devastated the social climbing Sophia! What also bothered her was her parents left all their money to charity!!!! Sophia realized she was broke , and only managed to scrape up $16,500! None of her high society friends would help her! So she took the $ and took off to Bridgeport where her new life begins!

She managed to buy a very small house. It's about 3 rooms: bedroom , small bathroom , & kitchen/living room area. The house was very small compared to the 26 room mansion she was living in. (Now is currently housing orphaned children!!!!) She did the best she could and bought decent (cheap) furniture... leaving herself $400.00!!!!!

With only $400.00 left to her name , she knew that magic wasn't going to grow off trees so she went to find a job... what could she do? She knew she was going to model! She went down to the local Backlot Studios to see if they had any modeling jobs. She met 5 star celebrity Matthew Hamming there and he told her he had no modeling work. She was about to leave when he told her he had a position open for a backround extra on a film their making. She agreed to the job and went back home!

When she got back to the house she rang her new boss to ask for her script tomorrow. He told her that there was no script , just to show up and look good! (She already knew that and wanted an excuse to call) During the call she chatted him up and he started talking about the local venues in Bridgeport she should check out. During the phonecall the tabloids must have tapped the line because Sophia became a 2 star celebrity! (From becoming friends with Matthew)

Sophia wanted to make sure she could fit into something sexy for work so she made sure she only had a salad for dinner. She wanted to watch her figure! The camera adds 10 pounds and she doesn't wanna look like a beached whale!

She took a shower and brushed her teeth and then got into her bra and panties and slid into her cheap bed. She wanted to be well rested for work the next day. She really wanted to make an impression on her new cute boss! 

Next morning she woke at 6am. Carpool would arrive in 6 hours so she decided to go ahead and make herself some waffles and get off to a good start. As soon as she finished eating , you can imagine what she did next...

Called up Matthew again and started to flirt. Of course the lines were still tapped so she hit 3 star celebrity status in Bridgeport and this was only her 2nd day in town! Tabloids starting leaking stories right away that she was his new girlfriend (They were just best friends!!!!)

The carpool arrived & before Sophia ran off to the car she paid $67 in bills. She doesn't have much to repo but wants to make sure they don't repo anything to begin with! She quickly paid the bills and hurried off to her first day as a backround extra!

She met Ruben and Emmy at work. She befriended Emmy right away. When she got home from work she invited her boss Matthew over. He agreed and came over to vist.

Right away Sophia started to ask his sign and if he was single. He told her he was... so she made a flirtatious joke that it was good he was because with the rumors floating around town... she didn't want an angry girlfriend coming after her.

Matthew & Sophia kept flirting and it led to a full on makeout session! 

Sophia then shot right up to a 4 star celebrity! There was no phones this time so how did the town know right then and there what they were doing????

I guess having the most famous celebrity in Bridgeport will have the paparazzi outside of your house stalking through the windows. The paparazzi phoned the radio that they were kissing and news spread that moment. Unaware... the paparazzi was there they went off to the bedroom...

& they proceeded to woowho and I'm sure they got pictures for a nice dvd entitled: "One Night In Bridgeport"! This was not the publicity Sophia needed. I'm sure her parents were rolling over in their graves! After the woowhoing , Sophia agreed to be an item with Matthew.

The next morning Matthew had some left over salad for breakfast. Sophia was almost running late so she ran off to work cause the carpool was waiting. At work Matthew was informed that the paparazzi was spying on them and a dvd is to be released. His agent told him to marry Sophia that night to do damage control and sue the tabloids in court! He liked her anyways and thought it would be a good idea.

After work Sophia got pulled to the side by an agent and asked her if she would like to learn how to act. She agreed and they promoted her to Key Grip. She was confused and they told her that she needs to work her way up before becoming a famous actress!!! When she got back to the house Matthew had someone tip off the paparazzi so they were waiting outside stalking. Sophia ran in fast as they started to take pictures. Inside the house Matthew proposed to have a private wedding! Sophia accepted not knowing that it was basically a staged publicity event!

After the private wedding Matthew's security arrived to kick paparazzi off the property to make sure no more dvds were made! (Especially of the wedding night) Sophia has become a 5 star celebrity in about 3 days! Matthew & Sophia went off to have their "honeymoon".

Matthew moved in his things and the networth went up to $50,000! Not bad for a girl who just had $400.00 to her name 2 days ago! They upgraded a lot of items in the house as well.

To Be Continued!

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Yes plus it was easy because he was my boss! I don't have to worry about that either lmao. I'm going to check out your journal now. I love reading sims stories :D

Lmfao, it's like two birds with one stone then!
I hope you enjoy what you do see~ Although I don't have much yet. ♥

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